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Our Satisfied Clients


We are thankful to our Dear Patients who are willing to follow all instructions and have immense faith in Ayurveda:

Ø       Sinusitis and Stiff Shoulders

Under Dr Madaan´s guidance and treatment I now truly believe that my long-term (12 years) medical condition of sinusitis and associated puffy face and back problems can be cured. After two consultations and two five day treatments with two months medication, that belief is based quite simply on the results of the treatment thus far. After the first course of treatment I enjoyed no symptoms whatsoever over two months and having just finished the second I am hoping for the same. For me, the effects of the treatment were also being able to concentrate better, having a more positive and happy attitude to everything and just generally enjoying a state of calm and zest for life.
What impressed me was the personal care shown by Dr Madaan, which continued long after I had left
India with constant checks by email on my progress. The centre where I was referred to receive the treatments has a very healing atmosphere. Its focus is on the treatment and whilst there is absolute professionalism, there are not the unnecessary luxuries of some of the Ayurvedic centers in India. This is an authentic Ayurvedic set up focused on cure and backed up by care and learning and I would highly recommend Dr. Madaan and the clinic where I received the treatment. For me, it has absolutely been worth two trips to Delhi and whilst I am on the road to recovery I would have no hesitation in making the trip again for a booster. If you would like any information from me please don’t hesitate to contact me by email: healthdrive@yahoo.com.

Daniel Matten USA


Ø       Irritable Bowels

I was suffering from Irritable bowel syndrome. i had to go 5-7 times to attend nature call. It was an obstacle in my growth as project manager at a leading company (MNC). Then I came thru Dr Sandeep Madaan M.D. Ayurveda and started the therapy. After 2 weeks I became confidant that i will recover soon. Dr Madaan inspired and motivated me to keep faith. I am free from any symptom after 3 month treatment. it has been 1 year and i am doing well at my job. Thanks and kudos to Dr. Madaan


Muneer Khan.32
Delhi 06

 Ø       Chronic Tonsillitis

            I had been suffering from recurrent tonsillitis and bad throat for last 20 years. I was getting asthmatic . Doctors prescribed me antiallergic and steroid and i gained weight. it was not working for me too. Thanks to Dr Sandeep .After 2 weeks my symptoms got milder and totally subsided after 6 month therapy. I am leading a normal life now.

Savitri.38, South Ex 1

Ø       Effectiveness of Herbal Therapy on I.B.S. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)


A 36 years old U.K. based male approached with complaints of mild pain in abdomen, cramps and bloating for last 6 years. He also complained of alternate constipation and diarrhea. The general health and appetite was normal. The job profile was stressful and eating habits were also not healthy. Upper G.I. Endoscopy had not revealed any positive findings. A diagnosis of Grahani Rog was made and based on the symptoms; some oral medications were prescribed for two months along with detailed dietary recommendations and restrictions based upon Ayurvedic philosophy and NICE Guidelines.
In particular, he was advised to take boiled water. The medicine prescribed for the treatment was classical formulations as mentioned in Ayurvedic classics and were targeted to detoxify the bowels, augment digestive fire and reducing stress. With detoxification and stress managements the result started appearing. Bowels started getting emptied regularly and the stress levels were reduced. With ongoing diet restrictions the patient is in touch online and is advised to make use of common kitchen spices for occasional problems


Ø       Relief in Migraine

 Female aged 35 complained of recurrent temporal headache with frequency of 7 days with nausea or occasional vomiting. The headache was present for 48-72 hours and was relieved by vomiting. The family history of the same illness was also present. Symptoms got exacerbated with use of contraceptive pills. Increase in intensity of pain after was observed after glaring of illuminated objects. The lady was an I.T. executive and was under constant mental stress. Allopathic, Homeopathic, and even Ayurvedic treatments were tried and was referred to Aastha Ayurvedic Clinic by one of our client who was relieved of lumbago. Stress management techniques were discussed and medications such as Anu taila nasya (Nasal drops) along with
 Brahma Rasayana and Soot Shekhar Ras were prescribed. The patient started improving after 6 weeks. The next line of treatment based on history, observation and pulse examination was explained to the patient.  A course of 8 months of medications resulted in reduction of Headache and Nausea. The additional benefits were reduction of Stress Levels and Sound sleep.


Ø       Teenager  with 5 years history of  recurrent cold and headache got relief

Male, aged 15 with history of recurrent cold and headache for last 5 years came to Aastha Ayurveda clinic. The patient presented with cold, sore throat and mild & vague frontal headache .previously ENT specialist diagnosed as Chronic Allergic Sinusitis. The boy’s mother gave history of frequent tonsillitis and fever up to age of 8 years. After a course of strong antibiotics and anti allergic, he used to get relief, but after age of 10 years, the headache and cold got prevalent.

He was diagnosed as “jeerna Pratishyay and peenas rog” as per  Ayurveda diagnosis and was prescribed medicines along with Medicated Nasal Drops (Nasya Therapy which is a form of Panchkarma).He started responding after a period of 45 days  and after a course of 6 months of oral medications  and two sets of Panchkarma  his Immune system was improved. For the last 3 years there are no exacerbations.


Ø       A success case study on Psoriasis:

 A female aged 26 years having complaints of plaque psoriasis for last 8 years. The family history for the same illness s was also present. The job profile was stress full and sleep disturbance was also a major cause of concern. Both the extremities and scalp was involved and joints were spared. The complaints of scaling, burning along with intensive itching was increased in winter season. She was advised to take a Pitta pacifying diet after pulse examination. She was advised to undergo Panchkarma i. e. bio purificatory measures to detoxify the body. Itching and burning sensation was relieved and stress levels came down with Shirodhara. The oral medications were started and oil for local application was prescribed which she took for 6 months. After 2 months marked improvement was noticed. Now it has been 2 years and she has noticed only mild exacerbations. But the scalp psoriasis has totally vanished. She takes some Ayurvedic medicine for managing stress levels and for occasional sleep disturbances. Her mother is also getting treatment for the same illness.

Ø       Case Study on a female patient suffering from chronic hoarseness of voice

A female patient aged 42,  profession : teaching ( physical trainer) who had to strain her voice for long and was unable to give rest to voice due to professional commitments came to us with complaints of hoarseness voice, painful speech, tiredness for last more than 7 years.

Previously an ENT specialist diagnosed it as vocal cords swelling. She had already taken many courses of strong antibiotics, lozenges and steam inhalation with no relief.

She had history of recurrent cold /coughs too.

 We after examining her Prakruti  as Pitta vataj and prana & udana vata vitiation prescribed following medicines:

 A ). Talisadi churnam 1gm,Shila sindoor 50 mg,Yashad bhasma 50 mg,Kalyan avaleh churnam 500 mg

 Mixed together and to be licked with honey.

 B). Kaphaja vati ( our pataent medicine), One tablet to be chewed thrice a day

C). Mahalaxmivilas Ras tablet one tablet to be taken twice daily with milk.

D). Steam with water and 1 tsf of ajowain seeds

E).Gargles with kanth sudhari powder(our patent medicines containing tankan and sfatika bhasma)

 The patient continued the medicines for 4 months till she became free of symptoms.

The variations were done as per complaints of the patient.

The patient showed relief in one month and continued medicine for 4 months and is now free of any complaints, her immunity is also regained. She is thankful to us and we are to Lord Dhanwantari for his blessings.



 We are proud to have our Dear Students having inquisitiveness to learn the Science and Art of Ayurveda and are much disciplined:



Ø       Recommendation of Our Courses by of our Spanish Student


What a great course of Ayurveda and practicals too! Really recommended!

One of the best Ayurvedic Specialists I have ever met - competent and kind. 

Thank you so much for the course and kind attention I recieved by your family! 


Yogashakti Maria, Spain



Ø       Recommendation For Baby Massage and Mother Care Through Ayurveda Training:

It was really very nice experience learning Baby n Mother care Ayurveda Training from Dr. suman and Sandeep Madaan, Aastha Ayurveda, Delhi.

The content (printed notes), the practical information, the massage practical, the warm welcome, the family environment and everything was amazing. I will remember these people for the life for their invaluable teachings and help. I recommend the trainings to everyone interested at Aastha Ayurveda ,learning genuine Ayurveda.


Rita Blau From Portugal:


 Ø       Recommendation For 28 Days Basic Level Ayurveda course By Japanese Student


Link to video



Mitsui kozue, Japan