Aastha Ayurvedic Clinic

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Our Team

Aastha Ayurvedic Clinic also known as Complimentary and Alternative medicine Clinic serves advisory panel for its patients.

Advisory panel

         *   Dr.Suman Madaan,B.A.M.S.                 (Gynae and Child Expert)

  • Dr. Tarun Gupta, B.A.M.S
  • Dr.vivek Srivastava, PhD-Herbalist
  • Mr. Mohan (Yoga Expert)-The Yoga Guru

Dr Suman Madaan


Ayurvedic Gynae and Child Expert

Dr. Suman is graduate in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from University of Delhi , having more than  7 years experience in Ayurvedic management of Gynae and child disorders. She is associated with us as on call consultant.Her speciality are Infertility, Menstrual problems, Breast Disorders, Uterine Fibroid , ovarian Cysts, PCOD and all chronic problems of choldhood.

Carol Harblin


our NY based Team- Member,

Carol Harblin is a board certified health coach and ayurvedic dietitian. She is nationally certified in U.S. with American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Carol is affiliated with the American Dietetic Association as well.
Each person person’s health is as unique as their fingerprint. She creates individualized meal plans according to the individual’s dosha.

Yogaguru Dr. Mohan Kumar

Yogaguru Mohan is a multiple therapist with the base of yoga and naturopathy to treat all diseases with no medicine, no injection and no surgery. 
Yogaguru Mohan is the founder of the Holistic Healthcare Foundation to serve the humanity.

Yogaguru Mohan has organized over hundred yoga and naturopathy awareness, training and treatment camp, specialized memory power development training and stress-management training in national and international level.   Yogaguru Mohan is currently engaged in PhD level research on “Case study on Yogic science for chronic management with side benefits” after doing MA Yoga Science, ND, DNY, NDDY, Diploma in Yogic Science, Scientology, Silva Method of Mind power program and other various intensive training program on yoga and naturopathy.