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About Us

We are happy to announce that we have prescribed Ayurvedic remedies for Acidity, Ulcer, Sinus, Tonsillitis, Infertility, Sexual disorders, Piles, Migraine, Liver disorder, White patches and we are successful in managing many other complicated diseases at our Ayurvedic clinic in Delhi.

We are proud to spread this awareness about Ayurveda through our Training Programmes on various topics in Ayurveda like Kerala Panchakarma, Baby Massage, Marma Massage, Wellness councillor, Home remedies etc.

Since inception, we are empowered with the highly knowledgeable Vaidya in Delhi, Dr. Sandeep Madaan, M.D. and Dr. Suman Madaan. It is the most trusted Ayurveda Clinic that prescribes the most effective and safe herbal remedies to it's huge listing of patients. They have got  cured by consulting with our  Vaidya in Delhi. The main goal of our Herbal clinic is to manage our patients problems by providing them safe, effective & affordable treatment with the help of experienced Ayurveda experts. Our profound knowledge of Ayurveda has made our reckoned position and has also positioned  us as reliable & successful natural herbal treatment centre, treating large number of patients from India & abroad.

Dr. Sandeep Madaan, M.D.Ayurveda,  a reputed Ayurvedic doctor in Delhi, is providing the best herbal treatment at this clinic. Through this Ayurveda expert in Delhi, we have been able to establish our brand internationally. You can rely on our immense expertise, experience and innovative methodologies to manage even complicated diseases. We have cured so many patients under the guidance of our Vaidya in Delhi who have immense expertise and  in-depth knowledge of managing different diseases.We are also providing Leech therapy for skin, vericose, ulcer, deep vein thrombosis, joint pain etc. Dr. Madaan has conducted many short and long term Ayurveda Courses on Basics of Ayurveda, Kerala Massage, Baby Massage, Marma Massage, Home remedies, Wellness through Ayurveda etc.for Indian as well as Foreigner students

Ayurvedic treatment have their own unique qualities and does not leave any side effects. We use all kind of natural Herbs, effective for all diseases and then these are used to cure patients.

Why Us?

Having years-long expertise, we have adopted innovative methods to cure patients. We are dedicated to cure our patients with advanced treatment at our Ayurvedic clinic by highly skilled ayurvedic doctor in Rohini,
Delhi. After thorough diagnosis, we prescribe the most suitable natural Ayurvedic treatment. We prescribe highly effective natural remedies that are highly concerned with no side effects. There are number of reasons that set us apart from other ayurvedic clinic and these are as follows:

  • Our internationally reputed Vaidya with in depth knowledge and skills
  • Use of 100% natural and Ayurvedic ingredients
  • Free from harmful Ayurvedic and allopathic medicines
  • No genetically modified ingredients
  • Available in domestic and international market.
  • Most effective and cure
  • Extensive range of Ayurvedic medicines
  • Authentic Training available in Ayurveda on various topics of choice.

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General Information

Company Name : Aastha Ayurvedic Clinic
Domestic Shipping : New Delhi
Year of Established : 2004

Other Information

Product Services : Ayurvedic Clinic / Ayurvedic Doctor / Ayurvedic Vaidya: Health Care Services, Acidity, Ulcer, Sinus,Tonsillitis, Infertility, Sexual disorders, Piles, Migraine ,Liver disorder, Panchkarma , Skin Disease, Joint Pain, Arthritis,White patches, Ayurved
Country : INDIA
Markets : India, USA, UK, CIS,
Total Annual Sale : Below US$1 Million
Number of employee : Less than 10 People
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Why us?